Thursday, August 6, 2009

Old Skool Punk

I think this is why I think the kids today are so cute. I love the little punkrock 7th graders. I remember how hard it was to get funky clothes. Literally, I had to go to the Salvation Army to get clothes. My poor mom...she would beg me not to wear some of the stuff I had...and I would say , "think of all the money you are saving!"

I'm the little punk rocker in these pictures...It was probably around 1986/87...
I'm a midget...But Boy I could work that punk rock 'bidniss'.
Shaved heads and no worries, I had no idea or care what people thought of me.
I just assumed everyone loved me.
Last night I spent 4 hours dealing with the ancient Apple, hooking up the only scanner we have and started scanning pictures for Facebook. I obviously was either the thief of many photo albums, or had the need to photo EVERYTHING from 1983 onward. Boxes and boxes...and I only made it to 1987...I was trying to be careful what I would scan so as not to start any fights among new lives, because I believe many of my old friends, never really talk about their past...I appear to be a common denominator in many people's lives. I think I was possibly the good common denominator, I had many groups of friends, many who didn't realize they crossed paths in the ways which they did. There were not many pictures of me, because I was probably taking the pictures...but there were many many pictures of people, in different day, a different life, possibly secret lives.

An old boyfriend posted....
"if I had a dollar for every brain cell I killed back then...I wouldn't have to work now!"
Everyone agreed.


Anonymous said...

you were and are loved grrrl!

Mint Julep said...

I love those pics! I am very envious of your style!
Why aren't we friends on facebook?

Lapetitemort said...

hot rockin'!!
So freaking cool. =)

Find me on facebook if you want ;) I'm under my real name


justjp said...

Totally Awesome!