Tuesday, August 25, 2009

spinny dress

I made the cute dress as seen on mmcrafts
Olive loved it. I used the cheap material because I wasn't really sure how it would turn out. I promised Olive I would make a nice fabric one.
this is the BEST spinny dress for little girls.

I do agree with mmcrafts...it needs a bit of jazzing up.

This is why I love to sew for 5 year olds...they love everything, and never ever want to take it off.


Douglas said...

Great color combination. She is poetry in motion;)

Mint Julep said...

If I have a girl, I will attempt to make this dress. Yes, I will.

Larissa said...

Oh, I'm loving the colors! I'm so glad it is not just me with the evil polyester force field. Ha ha! Can't wait to see the non-evil fabric version too. You made your girl so happy. (I so want to be named Olive so I can call myself Olly.)