Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Classic Nursing School Disaster

The give us our schedules for the semester. Many times things really need to be planned out. When we do clinicals we have to know what hospital we will be working at so that we can plan ahead. Today when I get to school to plan for our clinical days, get all our paperwork done and all info needed to start at our given hospital, another student comes up to me and says, "Teacher just said you are in the wrong group." No, I am not in the wrong group. I am at the hospital which is right across the street from my house....says on the schedule right here...the one they passed out last month. "Well, I guess, she has a different schedule?"

yea... a different schedule! why would the teachers change the schedule days before our assignments but not tell anyone? Your guess is as good as mine. It is the classic case of teachers not having their shit together. I have to get up every day and be on time, schedule my life and work load around classes that they could care less about .... or so it seems.

I work, I school ,I have kids...and I understand that is not the teachers problem...but a little time respect would be nice. Really... here's a scenario: we have class starting at 830 am goes until 2 pm...we don't change classrooms, just teachers. In that time period we have 4 ,15 minute breaks or so and an hour lunch...hmmmm do the math. We could actually be done at noon and eat lunch on our own time....or go to work, or not have to bay an extra 2 hours of babysitting etc etc. Yes, many of the students are kids or people who do nothing else but this school stuff...whatever.
I'm done ranting


Lapetitemort said...

Are they letting you stay at the hospital originally assigned to you, the one close by?

That's the kind of stuff that frustrates me, switches last minute. =(

I hope they let you keep the right hospital so your schedule isn't all screwed up.

Douglas said...

Gosh, This surprises me!