Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boys will be Boys

My kid had a sleepover this weekend and got in trouble.
The police brought them home...It was one of those things where they didn't even realize they were getting in trouble. It's a bummer, now we have a group of good boys having to go through the court system and they are scared to death.

Its a proven fact that boys don't put action with consequences until around the age of 19. This is why the military recruits young men...because they don't see the big picture.

I'm trying to raise a caring smart kid, but when they can' t understand the results of the action how the heck can you? I tried to explain it to him: It's like throwing a handful of rocks up in the air in a group of people. They look cool leaving your hand ....but inevitably someone will get clonked on the downfall...and it will hurt...maybe bad...and even you might get a rock to the head.

At least we are learning life lessons at 12-14 years old, opposed to the first lesson of drunk driving in a car full of teens. I hope this all sinks in.
It breaks my heart to see these boys freaking out over all of this, semi innocent poor judgment, but like one of the dad's said...

"sometimes life really does hand you a bowl of lemons...you just have to deal with it"

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