Friday, September 25, 2009

Breaking Point...we all have them

Closely reaching mine today.
quick week in review, jeeez I am always complaining about something, but I think this is what happens when you go to Nursing School (maybe the reason nurses are such twats?)
schedule which thank god is almost done this week:
Monday: 430 to school til 2 then to work until 645
tuesday: work 7-3 then upstairs to the Mental health wing for clinicals 3-11 pm
wednesday: same as Tuesday
thursday: school all day (bailed on work...thanks Wendy)
Friday: worked 7-130 then to Old folks Home for work 2-11pm
saturday: back up at 6 am off to old folks 6a-230 p

I started my period...not in my pants this time, which was a bit of a plus. But I'm tired.
And all I can think about is how I'm not even at the halfway point of this semester.
not even halfway

did time stop and noone told me?


Lapetitemort said...

I'm sorry hon. I will be complaining with you next year.
Just remember how well you're doing right now, rockin' it.
Did you talk to the nurse about prn stuff at your hospital?

p.s. king soopers for the glasses

dark and light said...

Twat was that you said? Glad to hear your pants were spared this month. And how is it we are on the SAME menstruation schedule this month. My hormones throw me over the edge and I have to remember that as I might otherwise end up in the garage with the car running and the doors closed.

v8grrl said...

I know I know...
Jen... i still have to get paperwork from the director of the new we will see :)

i can dominate anyone's menstrual cycle! well, really it's because i write about it and you don't want to be left out. My hormones were ok this month...i think it was because I didn't have time to dwell in my head, or drink

Megan said...

I am so so proud of you! You can make it and when you look back you will be so proud of yourself. My mom is a nurse and went to nursing school with 4 kids under the age of 10! She is a great nurse and has a wonderful career! It takes a certain something special to be a good nurse and you have that;)

miss. chief said...

that is SUCH a crazy schedule! keep at it, though, it'll be worth it!