Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I just accidentally deleted everything in my email...Everything, except stuff saved in folders.
I momentarily had a heart attack, seriously....
then a feeling of heaviness lifted off of me.

wouldn't this be awesome if you could do this with your life?

I feel good...
now I want to find something else that can give me the same feeling.

I am now a deleted junkie


Cindy said...

I get it.

Sara said...

I want to be a deleted junkie too. I keep my Inbox "just in case" I need that whatever it was on sale at Vicky's last week. Never mind that the sale is over. Or that Real Simple thought for the day that I just loved and meant to send on to someone or several people but didn't.
I'm getting ready to move all my stuff to a new computer, and this new computer will belong to a deleted junkie, I promised myself! Thanks for reminding me! ;-)