Thursday, September 24, 2009

school conferences

My Brain Hurts by aknacer
Man alive...I don't care for school conferences.
Ilin's 7th grade parent teacher ones were tonight. They were fine but the build up, not so fine.
When Bubba got home from school today he had that weird pasty color thing going on. I asked him what was up and he states he is getting a migraine. Migraines, the most unfair thing in the world for kids, well maybe not the most, but pretty sucky. I asked if he was seeing fairies (little blinky things in your peripherals) or auras. He said no, just everything stinks. That is a good thing when you have migraines...not good, but not as bad as auras. Gave him a tylenol and sent him to his room. I forgot to feed him. One hour later he comes out, pasty,sweaty and weird looking telling me he thinks he is going to barf. Another good mom action, give a kid a tylenol with no know what is even funnier?...I'm a nurse,..ok I lead him back to bed, hand him a piece of wonder bread and slap a cold washcloth on his head. Poor baby i hate when I can't fix things.
back to conferences....
Each teacher always says the same thing, "the kid is gifted...he just runs at B level it appears to be ok with him." His writing teacher says to me, " You know, I often use his writing as examples, I am going to enter some of his stuff in a state writing contest, did he tell you?"
She says" He is so laid back, we just let him roll with it...if we ask him if he wants to redo a B paper for an A he always says, 'it's all cool,nah'. So the group of us teachers just feel he's just a little bored."
That's fine. I understand. If you were to meet Ilin you would just think he's a normal kid...but he's different, there is something in there, and I can't quite figure out how to help him figure it out. He's like Molasses in introvert...does whatever. You tell him to do it, he does it but he's not going to do it unless you tell him. The teachers say he makes 100's on everything in class, except for some of the math, but he's in advanced placement math so a lot of that is based on participation so he rakes in 95% on most of that. It's just odd.
The teachers say he's an awesome kid: polite, caring, helpful, has a ton of friends, just quiet and fiddely ( I know not a real word).
And tonight that weird kid has a migraine...maybe his head is going to explode with whatever he holds onto in there.

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Megan said...

Aveda Blue Oil.. get this!! rub it all over his neck and temples when he get a migraine. I can actually use this and not have to use my epi pen of imitrex!