Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Too Early for Real Work?

my kid ,taken by Mike Stowe

I got up at 440...trying to get my work hours in.
Time is irrelevant at this time of the day. It's different.
It's different than coming home from a late night of debauchery,you are going to work.
The people who are up are different. When I looked into each car, it was mostly people you would prejudge as not even having jobs...losers...bummy looking people, and me,of course.
Young men who look like neigh-er do wells up at 430 am going to WORK!!! A schedule which would kill most middle to upper class people. I thought about it. These are the blue collars who work at 430 am get off work at 5 pm, drink beer at the local tavern and start over. The back bone of America. Strong working stock. Made me proud. Of course I was probably a bit delirious from being up so early, but proud.

write ya later


k said...

I love the picture. I would like it framed..

justjp said...

I worked the night shift 7p-7a for roughly 8 years. It is amazing the type of people you meet during that time.