Tuesday, October 6, 2009

decisions decisions

I was just reading Matt's blog and was so happy for his new adventure. You know,from every bad, if you hang with it long enough, good is bound to happen. It's sometimes a super crazy hard concept...but it's one I roll with. Same with everything happens for a reason and if I don't give in or give up...it usually works out, one way or another. I can remember when I used to not even try things for fear (and boy I got it) of failure. Now, I put on my big girl panties and give it a try...what's the worst that could happen short of death of me or someone else, and that can't possibly happen too often. Although unfortunately it does happen.
Every thing happens for a reason... so, I was offered an actual nursing job in the hospital on ortho/nuero. Of course this is the craziest time for me. I'm in school...I'm starting a round of clinicals at another hospital...and I barely have time to take a shit...but I decided to go ahead and take the job. I spoke to the Director yesterday and she wanted me to start this week. wow...ok...
I have a huge problem with saying ok before I actually look at anything, but this time I told her I want to look at my schedule and do what's best for me. HA!!! yeah, you read that write...I said I would email her the next day with when I can start. This is a big deal for me... I took a minute and figured something out without jumping face first into the pot.

So, this morning I sent her the email with the dates of starting 10/23...which is 2 weeks, but I need to give the Long Term Care place my notice, so I think that is acceptable.

I said as I hit send, if it's not acceptable...then it wasn't meant to be right now. Right? I would usually say My Plate Is Full...but actually my plates are so full I can barely wobble outta the the kitchen. I'll find out later.

At this point I am sitting at work...the hospital system is down, the phone is ringing off the hook and all I can think about is that I am going to graduate in 6 months as an RN!!! (well, if all goes well) what the hell am I gonna do with all that time that is now occupied with school, job juggling, and homework....and on top of that NO MORE CARE MAPS!!!!!!!!!! woop woop

I think I will take a minute and dream about it....and you know what else? if I get this job...when I graduate I will have a job to just transition into...it's crazy!