Wednesday, October 14, 2009

huh ? where do these people come from?

I have been getting a ton of those "people of walmart" emails. They never cease to amuse me, honestly. Where do they fly in from? it doesn't matter what fabulous area of a town you are in...check out their Walmart and you will see those freaks...get your freak flag flyin!
On that note, last night we went to see STP (my other boyfriend)...Bobby is friends with the guitar tech so we get in for free when they come...anyways...
(amazing change, remember when he was kind of chubby hippy Scott?)

the tickets for this show were not cheap. I think it said 56$ or something, and you know, there IS a recession going on....but my god you would not believe the type of people who apparently paid to get in. There were people who looked like they couldn't afford a meal let alone a night with Scott Weiland for 56$. A bunch of whack jobs I tell you. Stripper chicks in weird outfits, gang bangers (WTF?), cowboy shirts and mullets...and my favorite...the tallest people in the world, who always manage to stand right in front of me.
you want to know what is really shitty about shows with general admission? go stand in the crowd and then squat down so you are about 5' tall....and see what you can see. OH? nothing but stinky shirts and dumbass boys with backwards baseball caps.? Yeah that is my pays to be VIP. it really does.
we got to hang out on the bus with Bruce after the show...drank some beer and watched tour bus TV...It's the little things which make you feel special, like the escort to the "bus" ooooooohhhh.

Knowing people is cool.


Anonymous said...

Its soo tragic to have watched him devolve. Damn

v8grrl said...

JP...if I was standing next to you I would smack you sideways....


Lapetitemort said...


I understand the short in general admission part all too well!