Thursday, October 1, 2009

Is Erin having a Baby?

I sent Erin, over at Fly in My Mint Julep, an email last night and haven't heard back. Could she possibly be squeezing a child from her loins as we speak????

go on over and wish her and Andoe luck...for the next 18 years....I know she's gonna need it :)
All I can think about for her right now is how much she is going to love that first glass of red wine...maybe Andoe will remember to bring some champagne or wine to the hospital.


Mint Julep said...

You're awesome! No baby =(
Is there a chance that the induction tomorrow won't work? Could I be the first human that stays pregnant forever? I'm starting to worry.

v8grrl said...

ummm...not possible, but if you can do it before the will be more fun...