Thursday, October 29, 2009

shovel kid shovel

swim, Olive, swim!!!

Ilin...get to shoveling we have 16" of snow in 2 days
We are snowed in right now. I called into work, roads are too icy to drive for me.
today the agenda is scary movies, work on a Halloween costume for myself , make cupcakes for Olive's school party and finish my paper.
Tomorrow I work a bit in the am and them the 7p to 7a again.

hope everyone is enjoying the snow day (around here at least)


Lapetitemort said...

Does he wanna come here?

justjp said...

That sucks! Its 90 here today.

v8grrl said...

hahahaa...i'll send him on the next bus Jen...

and JP, I'll be on the next bus...
mmmm 90