Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Corner Office

i spent part of my work day changing offices. It was a cluster F. the new director is moving his stuff in and we have to move out!!! OUT...to a tiny little office. You just don't know what it is like to lose an office you never even deserved... the ever wanted corner office with windows on the second floor. We always kept it hush hush about our office, knowing deep inside eventually someone would find out how flippin awesome it was and make us move. Well that happened last week. Our department finally got a Director and he came in to meet us and said " Whoa...wait a minute here...this is a NICE office" as we were jammin out to PINK and crunchin on crackers. I turned around and thought to myself "SHITHOLES...here it comes...the I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but this office is going to be mine, news". and 3 days later...the email telling us we need to look for another office arrived.
we looked...they sucked, then we sucked it up and opted for the tiny office next to the sweet undeserved office we had been using for 4 years...and said..."it's better than the basement. We will still have windows..."
So, today, I had to start moving our stuff. If we worked in any real company, I'm pretty sure someone would come to help us, but instead I had to clean out all the old crap the last person left behind...which was fairly easy....I pulled the recycle bin right into the office and started dumping. Someone had the nerve to ask me if I should be saving any of it....I shot fire balls out of my eyes and they shut up. I called someone to get us a desk that we found on a different floor, got that moved in and then started the task of moving the computers.... I finally got so angry I yelled Fuck All Of This Crap....I'm Leaving!!!! and as I walked out the door my co-worker said, "see ya in the morning?" " Yeah...see ya in the morning."
stupid work.

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