Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday, thank you very much

here I am at the first part of work at 5 am. It's strange how as the end of school is in the near future I am starting to wish it would come quicker. I'm ready to have days off. I'm ready to make decisions that result in something opposed to effecting something. 3 more weeks of school (about) this semester, then the last semester of Capstone and whatever other bull crap they decide we need...then take the test and cross my fingers.
I'm going to take a vacation when school is done...celebrate 42 years on this planet...with hopes of a few good years left.

I can't believe the holidays are right around the corner and I haven't even started thinking about them. What to buy? What to do? :)
As I drove in this morning I thought it would be nice to just get away for the thanksgiving holiday. Maybe just go up to the mountains and stay in a hotel and swim in the heated pool, eat dinner out, heck...if we went to a ski resort I could possibly slap on my old snowboard. anyone want to go?

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