Tuesday, November 3, 2009

good morning Vietnam

like a war zone around here
Up at 430 to get everything and everyone ready for the day. I have clinicals so it throws the entire planet in my house out of whack. I have to count on a 12 year old to get the 5 year old ready for school and get her there on time.

took a shower, wiped off with my favorite green towel ..."sniff sniff" what the hell? what is that? (smell towel)
damnit!!! Olive (i'm assuming ) used my towel to wipe her pee pee crotch when we ran out of TP. Nice...is it some sort to of lesson? Or just some sort of Karma?

Back into shower...rinse repeat...clean towel.

Put dogs out, then lock them in laundry room...step in cat vomit.

fuzzy slippers+ cat vomit = not good...and pissed mommy.

throw favorite fuzzy slippers down the stairs and start to cry...wipe tears, regroup, and pray my patient today doesn't have as a bad a day as mine is starting.

Gotta run.
9 hours of clinicals
then to work for 3 hours then home to .....
i don't know...can't think anymore.


miss. chief said...

Ah lame, I hate mornings like that.

justjp said...

Bogus! The cat needs to go.

Eliz said...

I hate cat vomit (and other peoples pee)

Mint Julep said...

damn =(