Friday, November 13, 2009

men and their underoos

so, I was just reading this mind altering survey about men. Men only buy underwear when they are looking for a mate.
per Daily Mail UK:

"Men's underpants buying activity reaches a peak at the age of 23, but declines gradually until the age of 33 when it falls to zero - because many men are in a stable relationship."

I was confused at first then on further they go comando?

I believe it.

When was the last time your man purchased his own underwear???...and if you are a single man...when was the last time you bought new underwear? When you were going to get laid, I'll guess, or hope.

The only time they get new underwear is when we get so sick of looking at the raggedy ass waist band and stains that we march our butts to Target and buy them a 6 pack.

No one buys my underwear, except for me, and lord knows I would never expect my other half to buy my underwear, bras, or any other privates... but for some unknown reason men don't want us to act like mothers...yet they expect it.
Buy your own damn Underwear!!!!

It appears from the article that underwear purchasing by men stops completely between 33 and 37 then amazingly picks back up at around 38...
let me think about this....
women get so sick of buying their underwear that they leave, ie divorce = need for man to get laid and return to buying their own underwear again.
amazing how that chain of events happens huh?

it's something isn't it? Bizarre...

just a little bit to ponder on this lovely Friday


Mint Julep said...

I buy the husbands underwear at Target. Boxers. Usually 1 or 2 at a time.
For myself I buy the 3 pack of Hanes. I'm simple that way.

miss. chief said...

HA! I can only imagine what type of underwear dr.c would pick out for me if I let him choose.
The most uncomfortable, and yet with the least amount of material possible.

v8grrl said...

minty~ you are an enabler

Miss Chief~ do the same to him a few times I bet he would get the hint

justjp said...

most disturbing post ever!

Lapetitemort said...

I don't think that I've ever bought underwear for my hubby. He is pretty regular on buying undershirts when they get holes and buying new underwear and socks too. Guess I hit it lucky on that one.

p.s. I was expecting underoos! I had the WonderWoman and Scooby Doo ones when I was young. Yeah, I was too cool. =D