Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Take 5, "Hospital Scene...George Clooney Dude"

Yo, today at clinicals was great. Cancer room 20....fractured hip and renal failure room 18. Yeppers... I made it through. Still didn't have to touch a penis, so I feel pretty good about that. Fellow nursing student had to do a foley+ foreskin...I mighta screamed. Next time...I'm super at removing and I've been told if they get wood to "thump" it...but I really think the person who told me that was jackin with me, but not sure.

Clinicals today involved a Clooneyish PA and one of the most adorable RN students ever. I saw them making eyes at each other and the most awesome person that I am...I took care of it. I exchanged phone numbers for them :) hahahahaha They are soooo gonna thank me later. uh huh uh huh (doin the dance) If I was just a bit younger and single...

I rock...I'm just tellin ya...this is great karma points

also this hospital is like ER...everyone is good looking and available...or so it seems, its gonna be a funny next few months


Lapetitemort said...

Next week.... they'll be doing it in the supply room or something, haha

Eliz said...

Whoa WHO?? I must know :) Glad you are having a good time there, makes a big difference.