Wednesday, December 23, 2009

having fun, yet?

Well, if you still arent done with your shopping there are a few easy things you can find on Craft sites. Seriously...some of these you can actually get done in a few hours

Tip Junkie


We made these last night

Oreo Truffles *****Easy

they took about 1.5 hours minus the time they spent in the fridge while I drank wine.

Cover Some Buttons with CraftPudding

takes about 30 minutes, fun and everyone, for some reason loves coverd buttons

Remember these?
Synda and I made Bottlecap Magnets last year

fairly easy, and really fun but you need:
epoxy stuff, magnets, bottle caps or a few 12 packs of beer and drink fast, and 1" paper hole punch to cut out perfect circle for the inside...if you are a scrapbooker these would be really easy.
Just take a trip to Hobby Lobby can always bake...

or if you knit...
here are some easy leftover yarn knittables

thanks: Another Knitting Blog

I think these (above) in half the size would be perfect and quick!!!

but mostly, remember it's not about Money's the thought ( tell this to my kids)
Sometimes when you think of giving something homemade you feel weird, but secretly...every one loves it, even those weird slippers Gramma makes every year

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