Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I just walked in the door from my last clinical this semester. I look like shit...I'm tired...But I am DONE!!!!!
with this more clinicals!!! woop woop...that means no more working for free...this semester...
you Doctors do...but I'm not a Doctor...not even close.
I don't care, I have my wine and am throwing my "Blue Student Uniform" into the garbage....i mean Laundry...not to be touched until next year! SWEEEET
No more free Foley emptying for anyone for the next 9 weeks. If you need some sort of health help, you gotta pay. I am back...back with time to write


Lapetitemort said...

I hope that you had more than one glass of wine, like maybe a bottle or two!!

YaaY!! You rock!

B said...
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Anonymous said...

Very cool!!!!

dark and light said...

Nice to see and hear from you!