Sunday, December 13, 2009

it is time

It's Sunday and I'm trying desperately to get things in order.
Went to Synda's last night and drank wine, ate yummy fondue, and talked about stupid things girls talk about...yakety yak.
We decided that I need to do a 365 day blog. Hmmm what could it be? what could it be to help me be more creative in my mind and help my self ????
We came up with the idea of Picture and a Positive Thought/Post.
It will require me to take a self portrait everyday and post. Regardless if I like the picture or not. You see. I really have no pictures of myself. I hate pictures of myself. I destroy them all and I thought that Maybe, just maybe , if I HAD to take pictures of myself and look at them it would help....and maybe be a bit cathartic. A little something for the soul...and maybe even help some other people realize that it is what it is...not what photoshop makes it. Beauty, humor, intelligence can not always be fixed with photoshop.
Don't get me wrong...
I believe photoshop can fix many a things; ie: old lady skin, chicken necks and the big red zit in the middle of your forehead...but it can't fix what the world feels when it sees you.


Lapetitemort said...

That could be so fun too! I would love for you to do that!!

Cindy said...

"...but it can't fix what the world feels when it sees you."

LOVE this.