Tuesday, January 26, 2010

360 days of my life #22

At 7:20 the Angelic Miracle Worker Most Amazing Person/Vet in the world wants us to please come up so we can talk about Eddie and what we can proceed with. She said she got a small tail wag...and he peed!!!!!! (good) I jumped with joy. She said he is hurt very badly, but his bones are not broken. His insides are bruised, jumbled and she is very amazed he has recovered as well as he has. They don't have an overnight staff at the animal hospital, so she wants us to bring Eddie home for the night. ....OK...i am a nurse, but I am very scared. What if he starts to go down hill? You know he must have horrible pain...he can't talk. How will I know? She said if something takes a turn for the worse we are to transport him immediately to the emergency clinic (we are pretty lucky to have one right around the corner)...she will let them know what the situation is.
The kids have cried. Olive wrote a memory book, just in case he goes with Tonka....and Ilin is upstairs playing really angry sounding Punk Rock music on his bass.
I am drinking rum and coke ( i hate rum, but it was the only thing available) in the pint glass....and Bobby has measured the area for a 29 foot fence and called every fence installer in the area. We all deal differently.
I know that Ed was given to us by a weird fate...a weird higher thing that knew that he was what we needed as a family right then. I believe this. He's just a stupid big dog, but he has brought us all together in a way that nothing else could have at that time. Believing this has led me to also believe that being taken away so quickly could never have been in his cards. We need Ed and he needed us.
Last night I told Eddie , " Buddy... I love you so much. Thanks for having found us."
Life goes on...but I want it to go on with Ed.


Lapetitemort said...


Hoping he still gets continually better.

nurselisastowe said...

He needs you, Bobby, Ilin and Olive. Love is the best healer of all. You're vet is brilliant. I couldn't imagine he would want to lie there alone. No matter the outcome he belongs with those that will be with him.

one of many said...

Your posts made me cry:( I hope it all works out. I'm with you in spirit.