Wednesday, January 27, 2010

360 days of my life #23

update on Ed

The night was long for me,listening to each labored breath. It was the same feeling as when one of the babies had a cold and all you can do is watch and hope they breathe. Gurgle, gurgle...breathe.
Being the responsible party in charge, I was required to poke Eddie every time his breathing stopped. I knew in my head the lapses in breath were dreams and good pain meds, and as much as I wanted to pop some of his pain meds (don't think I didn't look it up), I didn't...and stayed awake the entire night. He got up 4 times to hobble down the stairs and go potty. Whimpering each step, yet still wagging his fluffy tail.
We headed back to the vet at 8 AM for the morning check up. The Dr. listened to his lungs and poked, prodded, and smiled.
"Yesterday, I honestly didn't think he would make it through the night...He really stole all our hearts yesterday. "
We aren't out of the woods...but we can see the the thick grass ahead. Rest, love and hopefully no bronchitis or pneumonia and he should be up and moving within 3 weeks.
As we all know disaster strikes fast and furious and often without a break. I try not to acknowledge the feeling of fear when I look at the calendar and know that I have gone many months without a reality check. I try to sweep it under the rug and think of the big picture with in the Universe. Everything happens for a reason.
Many things are so very minor and often silly to even fret about when I watch the news of the world. My Universe seems so trite...yet I must remember that my Universe is part of that Universe and it has it's reasons, cause and effect.

Thanks for all the great prayers and good thoughts...
and to Ms. Sara I would like to thank her for also praying for the bill :)
the total damage was 875$ this included 4 xrays...and the revisit was no charge :)
a miracle in it's own right!
Honest Dr's...who did the right thing...yet had a backup plan if things had gone wrong.


Mint Julep said...

He's going to be ok =)

Small Town Mutha said...

Good news! :)

Eliz said...

He is strong and young and all that energy in him will pull him through. :) your amazing, hang in there life will give you something beautiful soon.

Douglas said...

Great News!! Thanks for the update:)

Lapetitemort said...


I have been trying to get to a computer all day in hopes that you had updated with good news.

Anonymous said...

Pets are expensive but worth it b/c they love you unconditionally. :-) I'm SO glad Eddie is better. I'll keep him in my prayers. I have no powers but I know Someone Who does.

Take care of you and yours. And what a good and versatile nurse you are: not only training for an RN but also taking care of Eddie last night without even going to vet school. :-) We can all do unimaginable things when the need calls for it. You did it so well!!
P.S. Sorry my notes are always the longest but I have no job!! And I really care about you and yours...

v8grrl said...

you guys have all helped us through this. When you are put in charge of caring for something and fail in any way it is torturous to your psyche