Tuesday, January 19, 2010

day one of class...DOWN

why, why WHY????!!!!
do people really not have any life/clue or is it just me? I'm starting to think it's just me. Today we were required to come to class to get the syllabus and basically sit for 8 hours. Sure, we had a potluck...which just made me and my table partners load up on carbs so we can insure that we are large unhealthy nurses for our upcoming job roles. I ate my weight in corn chips and liquid orange cheese ( i know you are jealous).
So back to the subject. We were required to get to class at 9...i arrived promptly at 915 and then we sat around yapping about our winter breaks or lack of breaks for 2 hours!!! Hmmmm? I could have been doing laundry. But NOOOOO we have to fulfill clinical hours and in order to do this we have to sit in the class for 20 with nothing to do....but eat...and wish we were dead.
We did take about 1 hour and study ABG (arterial blood gasses) and Metabolic/Respiratory alkalosis and acidosis...I some point someone might have mentioned something about their beaver...but I got to laughing so hard...i wasn't sure how it fit in.
I can't wait til this is over.

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Lapetitemort said...

Well, our clinical hours include overnight conferences (required)out of town, volunteering for events (out of town)... I really don't mind volunteering but I'd like to choose my activities and not be dictated to about them, or have to pay through the nose to fulfill them. =\

I'll make the best of it though. We're already planning what booze will be brought and stashed in our rooms for the 'after hours drunken revelery'. =)