Thursday, January 7, 2010

i'm frigid

why you ask.????
Because it is -14 degrees here today.
I'm sick and tired of it!
the hair on my legs froze and cracked off while I was walking the dog today.
YOU might think that is a blessing, but I'm thinking I might need all the hair and fat I can get to stay warm around here.
One breath outside and the air is frozen within your lungs,giving even my healthy lungs asthma like contractions.
My Thinsulate can't keep up. My longjohns feel like they are made of tissue....
and you know what? I usually don't mind the cold....
but this weather


Lapetitemort said...

Two days in a row I slipped on the ice. Both knees are black & blue and have those nasty, yucky scrapes. I look like a 3rd grader whose been playing on asphalt.
Stupid ice.

v8grrl said...


stop wearing those "fancy" unpracticle shoes and put on some safety shoes

Lapetitemort said...

haha, I was wearing good shoes too! It was the 40lbs of books on my back, my cooler and binder that didn't fit that made me go off balance. Thank goodness my cart finally came in!