Tuesday, January 26, 2010

it was my fault, I left the dog door open. He's a husky...they jump fences.
He took a full hit from a mini van going to fast as usual up our street. He went up and over into the windshield. They say this is better than going under for a dog his size.
His lungs on that side are hemorrhaging and have many contusions. He amazingly has no broken bones. The police think the car was going about 40 or so...It was so loud that someone called 911 and 2 cops the humane society and the neighbors came out. Eddie ran up the 6 stairs and the humane society lady said he just was laying on the steps...like he was waiting when she walked up. She told me he is very friendly...yeah I know. blood was coming from his mouth and he looked at me with the saddest sorriest eyes.
"I'm so sorry, Ed...I knew I left the dog door open and I didn't come back." "please forgive me"
The police were so helpful. She called the dog hospital we go to and told them we were coming. Eddie got up and cautiously got in my car and we sped the 2 miles to the animal hospital, even though the cop told me to please not speed there...they knew I was coming.
The vet couldn't get the Xrays they needed until he settled down and to this point still can't get some of the Xrays. She could see that his lungs on the hit side were bad...good news...the diaphragm is intact, now we have to wait and see what if his bladder made it... She told us we could go back and see him...he was so doped up he could only move his eyebrows. I pray he knew it was us. i whispered in his ear I was sorry, and that I need him to make it for my own selfish reasons...I won't be ok if he is not ok...not right now.

I am one of those people who totally will say if a dog damages a limb...just cut it off...they are strong. This can't be cut off.

My 5 year old just walked in...the tears all ready flowing. "he can't stay there!!! he has to come home...He can't die like Tonka"

I have lost so many things in my life. My parents, my brothers, friends and relatives..it appears that all my ill grief is saved to mourn for these pets. I am not good with emotions...I have 2: Anger and Hysteria...those are my best 2. Grief...not so good.


Small Town Mutha said...

I'm sending healthy dogs thoughts your way. So sorry this happened.

Pati said...

Be strong..thinking of you and hope this has a happy ending. Animals live in the moment, try to too...I mean that sincerely. Please let all your readers know how he does!!

Douglas said...

Saying a prayer for you and your family. Sorry this had to happen to you:-(

Lapetitemort said...

Praying for you, in my own way.

k said...

I also save all the emotions for the pets... It is harder when they are hurt or need to go to heaven ..A person can talk and let you know they are ready..a pet can't

Anonymous said...

But you ARE good with LOVE and COMPASSION. Remember that. It wasn't your fault. I have this belief that everything happens for a reason. You don't always know or see the reason, but it's there. I am honored to pray for Eddie, and my prayer is to ask God to do whatever is necessary to heal Eddie (and please don't let it be too expensive!). Keep in touch, and hang in there... Sara

Mint Julep said...

thinking about you and Eddie.

Kris said...

Oh no!!! I read your posts about Eddie on fb but I didn't know what was wrong. I JUST read your blog posts now. I hope he continues to get better. And PLEASE stop kicking yourself.