Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Sunshine Family Vs New York Times

This family featured with a matchup from New York Times on this blog Design Crisis got me thinking.... (the other family is on Decorno)
That first family, who lives in a Yert,...I had their dollhouse in the 70's..they were the Sunshine Family...but she was still pregnant then, glad to see she has given birth and moved from the trees to the ground...maybe the treehouse is a vacation home now...When will that be featured in HB?

oh wait a damn minute...they had a Yert back then too???? Why didn't I have that?
damn my evil hippie hating parents.
Looking at the price, it wasn't like my parents couldn't afford the Yert and the Treehouse.

maybe it was because they knew they would have to buy the truck, craftshow, and traveling wagon to go with it.


one of many said...

I loved the Sunshine Family and still have some of the dolls and clothes. I even had a little Sunshine pottery wheel that you could make pots with using flour and water. I have often contemplated buying a mint in box Sunshine Family on Ebay so I could really feel warm and fuzzy:)

Douglas said...

This was one of the most annoying articles that the NYT ever ran. They are just a bunch of eco-snobs. Good thing they have broadband.