Friday, January 22, 2010

updated the blog roll

You know what would I would really like ???
is some new suggestions to Blogs and such. As much as I love the artsy crafty ones, I have decided my mind can only take so much of the perfectly decorated house with the perfectly decorated kids rooms ...which never look like anyone uses them. Do their dogs EVER pee on the floor? Probably not, and if they did, it would be pretty and arty.
It makes me feel more inadequate than I all ready am.
So, any suggestions?
I like the cooking ones..those are my NEEEEWWWWW visual stimulation. Especially since I am not really eating anything good anymore, unless you consider oatmeal and flax seed good.
I also like the funny ones...about the real life moms...who's kids puke down the front of their shirts and their older kids are nut know real life.
Those blogs make me feel adequate.
I like the funny knitting ones...or the ones Like Angry Chicken...where she always says, "because it's my blog, show, I don't have to".
That makes me happy.

what I would also like is for people to comment once in awhile. In know people are reading by the number at the bottom of the page. Yes maybe there is nothing to really comment on, but a little mental support would be nice.

The blogs where it appears that no one ventures away for work bum me out ( this is why I miss Baking with Plath)...The blogs where they head to the perfect home office with every pencil sharpened and in matching much as I can appreciate them, it makes me pissy...
In my office I am lucky to find a paper clip...or an awesomely decorated ball of rubberbands.
They don't let us shop for office supplies at Anthropoligie.


Small Town Mutha said...

I recommend Not So Humble Pie, Momo Fali, and Wendy Brandes Jewelry Blog. BTW thanks for the listing and just so you know, I'm still in bed :).

v8grrl said...

HEEHEE...thanks...I'm at suck

miss. chief said...

Have you ever read Ashley's Closet? I usually don't like mommy blogs that much but she is HILARIOUS and tells all the not-so-perfect family stories that go on in the house. I get excited every time I see she has a new post.

Mint Julep said...

I think I have some pretty good blogs on my list. I'll be adding some more soon. I'm at work too girl.

roXy said...

My favorite cooking site...although it isn't a blog, it connects to blogs. It is beautiful and it is a great way to find yummy recipes.
I'm pretty sure I already told you about it.