Monday, February 1, 2010

Beer, it's yummy

I need a job where I can just drink beer while I work :). I think it would help me be more productive...well, that might be debatable, but I KNOW it would make me want to go to work more often.
Picture it: Walking up the steps to your desk job with beer in hand.
" Hi Sam, Hi George"
clock in...
carrying your cooler with 2 more icey cold ones inside.

I don't even drink that much...but I like to have a beer once in a while.
At office tries to make it conducive to working. We have the Potlucks and the occasional FAC...but I think a beer or cocktail at the desk would totally trump those. Actually in my mind I know it would trump those.

I just finished med surg class and had an Exam... I missed 6, i think she's dumping one of the questions, and I got 3 extra credits right...should put me at about an 88%. Good enough for me...
Now if she would have let me had a beer while taking my exam, I could have relaxed and I betcha I would have made a 95%.
I'm just saying.


Small Town Mutha said...

I had a job where I could drink beer. Bartending.
Sometimes I drink beer when I parent. Makes me nicer.

Lapetitemort said...


My office job in New Orleans let us drink on Fridays starting at noon. =)We even stayed late joyfully on Fridays to get work done... then we'd go around the corner to the bar, hehe.

Hey, are you guys going to the Body Worlds exhibit in April? We're going as part of our clinical hours. =)

v8grrl said...

yes...the bartending waiting jobs...that is the exception...I drink often...makes me nice for a while then for some reason tends to backfire.

we will go on our own to the Body Works...:)