Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hairs did and low expectations

i got my "hairs did" last night. It was too much money. It made me more depressed than happy. Figures huh?
Murphy's Law at it's best.
Then I came home to hear that my older kid's school conferences went as usual.
" Kids gifted...super smart...just doesn't seem to think he needs to turn in the work...which causes him to make C's...but he's still a great kid...and like we said , super smart".
thanks teachers.
That kid will be the pre-death of me and the little sassy one will kill me for sure and all this stupid schooling and extra work I have been doing for the past 5 years to make our family more comfortable will be a mute point.
Olive had her first dance class yesterday. It was some sort of ballet,jazz, and hip hop blend...(don't ask). She was beyond excited stuffed into her little leotard like a wrapped piece of candy.
She announces she wants to dance like Lady Gaga and Pink. (do they even dance?)
as long as you are not booty bangin like Beyonce in that class I'm all for it.
When she came home she had angry eyes and said they didn't do any hip hop...just ballet.
"Soon", I said..."you gotta warm up to it. Snoop Dog started with ballet too,honey."
I remember when I was her age and took iceskating lessons all I wanted to do was the "Hammil Camel" I had practiced with and without skates for months. When I got to class I was soooo ready.
All we did was skate around in a circle...slowly... i hated it.
Expectations way too high...which is why i try to nip all expectations in my household in the bud immediately.
gotta get to work, so that I can go home and sleep for a bit before I gotta come back to work at 7pm.
keep your expectations low, then it can only get better...


miss. chief said...

Snoop Dogg started with ballet? hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know Snoop danced. I thought he just smoked! ;-)