Wednesday, February 10, 2010

how can we hold on?

how do we hold on to beauty?
As I round 40 I realize it is nearly impossible. It seems to me that 40 is a weird in between stage. I remember Oprah talking about how great 40 much even better 50 was...but where does that leave me? The 30's slipped by so fast and unnoticed. I can't figure this age out. I feel like I'm in the wrong spot, wanting to age gracefully, yet not caring for how it is happening. Ageism is a real thing and I am guilty of it myself. I often feel like I am in the prime of my life. I enjoy my body and the way it looks, as far as 40 goes...then I think of how I can help it age more gracefully. Do we do this by just allowing things to happen? or do we help it along.
I will ponder this...hopefully for not too much longer, because I need an answer quick


jeff said...

yeah I totally get ya on that one. seems like just yesterday I was in my late twenties and moving to minneapolis and now I'm 41! what the fuck! where did my thirties go? as for gracefullness, It's all in how you accept your age. I still feel like I'm in my twenties but with a few more aches and paines. so with that I cheer you, slainte'.

Kris said...

You are giving me something to think about on my birthday! Wait... are you trying to tell me something? :)