Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Liver Liver on the wall

I feel like the past 4 days all I have done is have cocktails and study, well, plus work. My liver hurts. I never even balk at a cocktail but yesterday when Synda called to see if I wanted to hit up the local brewery Wednesdayfor a drink after she is done with school I wavered. Bobby and I had just dropped off Olive at Hip Hop dance class, and he wanted to go have a beer. I thought to myself, " I had a beer all ready." but the weak fool that I am...I went. so when Syndalicious called I wavered, then said OK. It's tomorrow after all. As Bob and I were sitting at the Tasty Weasel i remembered I had told Leslie that I would meet up with her on Wed. too, but at 5ish (synda is at 7ish). My liver raised an angry kidneys nephrons wadded up in anger.
hmmm what's a girl to do?
I guess I will have a Non alcoholic drink...but it is Mardi Gras week and I was actually thinking of giving up drinking for Lent. Hmmmm decisions decisions.

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roXy said...

We don't have to drink alcohol...I just want to hang out. Maybe we can find a place that serves nice liver healing drinks.