Monday, February 15, 2010

not feeling well

not sure what it is...stress, period, school, work...combo possibly. I'm taking a sick day.
I feel pukey.
Ilin goes to Children's Hospital tomorrow to the hematologist to check his blood.
low reticulate, count low WBC's...not anemic,no D deficiency...just a recommendation from the pediatrician to take him to Children's (which is never what you want to hear)..
Really?...what could be the chance 2 kids have leukemia in the same immediate family?
I'm going to keep in my mind that it is a growth spurt. His blood is just whacky right now. He's a skinny kid.
We haven't talked to him about it...just told him he needs a check up.
He spent the weekend in the mountains boarding with his dad.
what he doesn't know won't hurt him, it will just kill me.

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