Friday, February 19, 2010

Try to be a halfway decent Mom...just for once

i'm really trying to be a good mom this's my last weekend before I start all my clinicals and hard ass stuff. With that said I headed to Sally hair crap supplier and picked up some stuff for my all ready pasty skinny kid who has been wanting to do something a little more Punk" with his hair.
I told him as long as he gets it trimmed up I would fix it...while I did his, the Awesomely awesome Mom that I am, did Olive's.

then we sat and ate the only mudpuppies I could find in land locked Colorado. The kids didn't know the difference...I did, but why ruin a good thing?
Next on the agenda...take Olive to get a new wardrobe for under 60$ made by overworked, under paid Chinese children from Old Navy...and try to be everyone, because this is it...after this weekend the shit hits the fan nursing school wise for the next 10 weeks

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Small Town Mutha said...

Well, they certainly look happy as a clam!