Sunday, March 21, 2010

360 days of my life #67

Today I did a 10K run. It's not as far as it sounds...maybe 6 miles? But the cool thing is that I saw some wildlife today.
On the weekends I try to run a bit longer so I usually start at my house then run to Macintosh Lake around a time and half and then head back.
Today was beautiful. Maybe 54 degrees and sunny.
Not too muddy.
Here's the lake, Oh yeah and the Twin Peaks...
I run around this lake...not over those mountains.
Today a special treat...
Bald Eagles
Huge and right on the path. I called Bobby and told him to bring Olive down and the camera. I think maybe even he was impressed.

The run was nice, no dog...just me and the iTouch listening to Marc Maron Podcast "WTF"

I traveled around the lake at my slow but steady pace. Giggling at the podcast and saying hi to everyone I came across. Including the prairie dogs. I mooed at the cows. (I speak their language) and then stopped to watch a guy on a long board paddle across the lake.
that looks brilliantly relaxing.
so, I got on the horn and called Bobby. "what do you think about longboarding type paddle thingy across the lake? Doesn't that sound cool? Maybe we could do that together?" He was silent..."is it exercise?"
"Well, Bobby, I imagine getting it off the car and stuff is a bit strenuous, but it looks cool."
(all this why I am standing at the side of the lake hopping back and forth)
He replies, "No, not if it's any type of workout...not interested."

bummer. Wouldn't it be cool if we did some things together?
He says," we drink beer...except you quit that like an idiot, and you don't even go to church"
"Well, maybe I'll start going to church...", I said (just trying to get a rise out of him).

Its a bummer for me to have a mate who doesn't want to do anything with me. He doesn't vacation, unless I totally plan it and it involves not driving or doing anything, he doesn't ski, snowboard,hike,bike, run, workout, or enjoy going out. It baffles me.
I offered to get us a personal trainer thinking maybe he would want to workout. How about scuba lessons?...I did get him to try dance lessons when we first got together, he quit the second class.
I'm lonely for an outdoor companion.
Does anyone know of a place I can look for an outdoor platonic partner?
Male or female...
funny thing is, my friends don'e even really stick to anything either.


Small Town Mutha said...

Too bad you're a million miles away. I could use the same thing, not because mine doesn't do it but because he's so much better at it than me :(

Lapetitemort said...

I'm so lame, because I should hook up with you at least on weekend mornings. Kick me please.

Lapetitemort said...

I was talking to Sam, and since he sleeps for freaking half the day on weekends, maybe I can meet up with you in the mornings and you can whip my ass back into being active...

k said...

I hadn't skied for years, because C said he couldn't , it would hurt his knees. Finally after 10 years I told him I was going and teaching the girls to ski and he could sit home by himself. Now he likes skiing more than I do.
If you take off on vacation with out Bobby, maybe he'll get it -

v8grrl said...

K, Im definitely thinking about driving out there to visit this summer with the kids.
We'll see how graduation and NCLEX works out.

Eliz said...

Hey I stick to stuff. 6 years of school is sticking to stuff. Besides you never ask me to run anymore you just go. Spaz. :)