Tuesday, March 9, 2010

360 days of my life # 59 (missed a few)

Its sad when your new favorite thing is a vacuum cleaner.
Just let me tell you a bit about this thing. It's no Dyson, couldn't justify spending 599 for the one I really wanted... BUT this thing sucks like a 50$ hooker...Joking joking, don't get offended and run away. It is really awesome. You want to know why? Because a man finally did the vacuum justice, they hooked a dog brush to this thing! You heard me, a dog brush!!!
You can vacuum the fur right off man's best friend before it even hits the carpet.
Just between you and me. I tried this with the old vacuum and it just about sucked the entire dog into the vacuum. This one comes with a long hose and a deshedder brush.
I'm in love.
Love Love Love


Mint Julep said...

You said sucked like a hooker!!! I'm never reading this blog again!

v8grrl said...

I didn't say YOU sucked like a hooker!!!
please come back

Lapetitemort said...

and I have envy and now want!

is it sad that i would ask for that for an anniversary present? or a portable pulse-ox?

Kris said...

Your legs look great!