Friday, March 26, 2010


Oh lord have mercy, I know I'm cursing myself by looking forward to not having to work tonight. RN's have this great system of being "on Call". My shift starts at 630pm then runs until 7 am The Forbidden Zone called the "Night Shift"...putting me on call means they can call me to come in, if needed, anytime before 4am. So, yes I am sitting in my bathrobe right now, supposedly working on a paper for school (yeah right)...waiting for the damn phone to ring. Last time I was on call I didn't get the phone call until 2 am, which really sucked.
Last night Lizaldiff and I split the shift. I worked until 11 pm and she worked from 11p til 7am. It was cool, except my night was a total cluster @uck. I got there and realized once again I had two Neuro/spine patients, which I guess I just need to figure out how to love...but they freak me out. There is so much to watch for. Liz always teaches me so much, but it's never til after the fact, as most things with nursing are...
"OOOOHHh, that makes sense, guess I should have been watching for paralysis in the legs if its a t-7 fusion. Too late, sorry next shift...they peed though!"
These are things they swear I will learn the more I do.
My first two paitents...neuro/spine. One guy was fresh out of surgery the other surgery earlier that day. My third patient was a lady who had a CVA and on top of that was blessed with the gift of hospital acquired Cdiff . For those not familiar:

So the first part of my night was spent wiping a rear end of a very proud older woman with explosive, very contagious poopy issues.
Can you imagine? Let's hope you never have to.
With all that said, I better get back to my project on Gall Stones (so exciting I could fall outta this chair)
I just wanted ya to know I haven't forgotten about ya. I effin busy...seriously. But may 5th...I can see the light!
xoxo write ya later...


Lapetitemort said...

Here's to no call tonight!
~crossing fingers & toes~

one of many said...

The diarrhea picture is a REALLY nice touch!

Cindy said...

Note to self: Be careful when reading blogs over lunch. ;)