Saturday, April 3, 2010

360 days of my life #75

360 days of my life, originally uploaded by v8grrl.

The 30 day shred, which I don't do that often anymore and running has started to pay off, wouldn't you say? So for everyone who attempted the year with a plan, but didn't stick to it...I feel for you, because if you would be rocking the legs...4 months in...4 pounds lost, but firm all over

113-116# depending on the scale
rock hard legs, and tight tummy


Mint Julep said...

mama you are smokin'!
I'm about to finish off the pringles and drink a beam and dr.pepper.

Lapetitemort said...

You're right!

Eliz said...

Good job Myssi!
My goal this year was to graduate..
Then I can focus on having hotmommalegs.