Thursday, April 8, 2010

capstone... checking out...

Capstone today: hard of hearing lady with heart failure...she keeps asking me if I would like to share her medicines. Wellllllll, I would...but I'm at work.
WHAT HONEY????!!!! I can't hear you.
Lady #2
Everything failure...
but really sweet. so I'll keep her
The ultimate Boulderite...
she is allergic to EVERYTHING!!!!!
Sulfites, preservatives, latex, tape, coatings on meds, meat

I walk in and tell her I am a student and she just about flipped her wig.
I then proceded to tell her I needed to collect from blood :)
She announced to me: "I will give you ONE chance and if you don't do it right...YOU are DONE"
holy cow lady, that is no way to talk to a student.
So I got all my stuff together ...jammed that butterfly into her vein and got the blood.
she said...
and my day is only half over.

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Cindy said...

My husband's bitchy ex-wife is doing her first clinicals right now. Is it wrong that I kinda hope that her experiences are as hideous as yours and maybe worse?

Although it *would* be good for her to have a job...