Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Ilin and I have been cooking...working on learning how to be a MAN. You know, so when he hits 15 and half and runs as far away as he can from this whack house he will know how to cook for himself and his goth girlfriend any type of crazy vegetarian food they might need to survive.
and still be politically correct.
(not Ilin, but may be one day)

So, the excellent Mom I am, I went to Target to do a little R&R and left him with a recipe for my personal favorite....Hummus.
"mom, what are Chicken Peas?"
Lord...You mean Chick Peas...
They are in the cupboard...aka Garbonzos
Off I went.
When I got home He announced he used the dried parsley, 4-5 drops of lemon juice from the plastic lemon, and 2 cloves of garlic.
I have to say,it was garlicky but YUMMY!
"hey Bubba, I have an idea. You cook dinner"
(smart, huh?)
I helped him with what he needed but he pretty much did the entire thing.
Pasta Primavera, fresh veggies and all. Everything had been cut and prepared by Bubba himself. He ran out of the pasta he wanted so the genius that we know he is combined 4 different types of pasta. Olive sat the table, Bobby groaned because he had to cook his own dinner
(no veggies for him, unless they are root kind!)
We all got our drinks. Everyone but Bubba sat down, because he was serving.
Turned around with the big bowl of pasta...
all over the dog and the floor.
What did I do you ask?

Did I yell?

I grimaced, smiled and scraped it back into the dish and said
"So, it will have a little dog hair in it, extra flavor"
No tears or anything.

We all quietly sat down and even his little evil sister said, "Bubba, you are a good cooker, even with the dog hair".

He's gonna make someone a good wife...I mean husband.

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