Saturday, April 17, 2010

why oh WHY??

so, I go to take the second math test. I get to the testing center at 1145...thinking its open until 3. Sit down, start taking the test...feel pretty the ones I know...move the ones I need to work on...move along...start working on a few of the harder ones, because I have time...then the girl comes in and says,"I'm sorry, we are going to have to close in a few minutes...wrap it up"
not done!!!
it's only 1PM!!!


ok...whatever...I did the best I 45 minutes!!! they were to give me 3 hours, they should have said something...oh well, it's my fault I should have looked at the hours when I walked in.

I sent an email to the 2 instructors and said " You will be able to tell I am fully capable of doing basic math...even though I did not finish the test..."

then I got in the car and cried.
why oh why


Lapetitemort said...

wtf is going on in the universe? totally not right

Cindy said...

Oh no! This is terrible. Please post an update to this situation when available.