Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cleaning The Den of Olive's Kindergarten Stank.

I shouldn't have sat down. I was on a roll, then I saw this ol broken down chair by the computer and parked my butt in it. I have a goal today.

Olive's Room.

It is disgusting, like so many things here in my much neglected house. The idea is that she will be gone all day today and I will be home secretly throwing away little plastic toys from god only knows where. I will be recycling 400,000 sheets of paper which include everything from counting to vocabulary. I hopefully will have no mercy.
Mr. Clean will be my wing man...helping me with his "magic eraser"...
(I would so do Mr. Clean)

Mr. Murphy Soap will be supplying extra wood cleaning power and shine so her room will glow like the buttside of the church pews.

Please...wish me luck...
I'm not good with cleaning.
today, I will
Go Forth and Conquer!!!
one Barbie hooker shoe at a time

1 comment:

Lapetitemort said...

Mr. Clean is hawt!

I'm doing the little bit at a time clean thing - that way I don't get burned out on TRYING to clean...