Saturday, May 1, 2010

Garden Box..I can do this

Today is Garden Box Day aka MayDay. I can do this. I don't need help...really.
I got the plan from Pioneer Woman and headed out to Home Depot. Bobby went with me, but I had my clipboard and was determined.
Wood section...
I'm familiar, got my wood, some young chap came and asked if I needed some help.
Why yes I do...can you cut these 2 boards in half?

(See moments later I had just barked at Bobby because he started telling me I needed a liner and they may charge to cut the wood and blah blah blah...
"HSSSSSS...go over there and make one of those little things with Olive while I figure this out MYSELF!!!! I have a plan! damnit.
He grimaced, growled and left.)

Young chap comes back with my wood and I say, where them stakes and screws at? One aisle over!
Wam Bam thank you mam...
now at home

I didn't have to cut the wood because the Young Chap at Home Depot cut it for me.

91$ of cedar wood...

Yes the grass is disgusting, it didn't used to be but this is one of the reasons I have decided to stop trying to "cultivate" grass...I want something more edible and rewarding.

laying it out

predrill all your holes first with a little bit then with the deck screws. You need 2 people to help hold the wood while you get it straight and drill.
This is where Bobby had a break down and took the drill from me. He said "you hold the wood" But I could have done it if I had a girlfriend there.

it took less than an 2 hours to do the entire thing. I'll post the pictures of the painted one soon ( i painted it to match the house)

This is the first part of my backyard revamp.
I've called someone to redo our deck with that recycled composite stuff ...then we will start designing.
This is all very stressful for me.
Trying to plan a big picture.
But now that I don't have school YEAH!!
and my schedule will be cut into a 1/4...I better find something to do
write ya later

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one of many said...

Good to have a plan. We didn't and it's hard to undo what's done. I like how you did the stakes. We pounded our stakes in after we had the frames in place.Would have been easier your way:)