Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Graduation...and out...

Tomorrow we present our last project before graduation. It has sucked more of my life out of me for the mere reason that anything that seems an easy task always turns out to be the biggest pain in the ass.
I love my iMac...I used Keynote to put together this fabulous slideshow, then realized nobody else in the world uses a MAC....perfect. So My nice, beautiful, drag and drop presentation has to be converted to crappy Powerpoint or uploaded to Quicktime. It has taken me countless hours to get it to load properly to quicktime, so long that I think I have decided I don't give a rat's ass if I graduate and if my project isn't perfect I will blow up the world just to make a point. This is day 4, I have sat here trying to get it all to correspond and click thru perfectly to know avail. I have stopped eating and drinking.

Saturday I graduate. I put my 2 weeks in at my current job as a financial counselor at the hospital and received a half-time position up on the orthopedic/neurology floor doing night nursing. Its a start. 2 shifts a week which will be quite pleasant for the summer. What else this means is that all my old friends can come back and be my friends!!! come back come back!!! I won't have any excuses any more.
It's been four years of my life. I can look back to post number one and say...wow...I really knew nothing, now I just have better educated guesses to my nothing.
Thanks for putting up with all my bitching and I'm sure there will now be time for real writing, arts, crafts, sewing,painting and gardening...you just watch and see.

And to anyone out there who is afraid to do something different...take it from me, it was a crazy road ...but if I can do it...anyone can, and it is never ever to late to learn.
knowledge is power


Megan said...

Yeahhh congrats!!!!

Cindy said...

The biggest congratulations evah!!!!!!!!!