Friday, May 21, 2010

How to recover a patio cushion

So many things around here right now...after the neglect everything in my house has had for the past 2 years (nursing school) I decided to get my arse in gear and
start tidying up. The girls put the final kybosh on this nasty porch swing cover last weekend ...RIiiiPPPPPpppp. I decided to recover it. I know, you are thinking gross, she should just buy a new cushion. But it's fine...our butts go on doesn't have to be perfect.

I bought the "Outdoor Fabric" on the long bolt...60"
on sale at Hancock for 6$ a yard...bought 2 yards

Lay your cushion on there and do a quick measure. I am old enough now where I like to just "wing it".
Now for the width of the fabric. My swing and cushion were about 48 inches long with a 2" thickness. I cut the fabric to 52" wide (from the 60" width fabric), that's 48" + 2" thick on the left + 2" thick on the right = 52 inches (that should leave plenty for seam allowance).
(really you can just lay it out and can make width corrections as you sew)

Cushion laid out, fold over once then over so it is about 1/3 over the top again...overlapped.
We are going to make a great big cushion envelope.

On the edges that are on the long parts of the foam, we will make a tidy "Hem".
First part of the sewing I did was to hem the edges. (these are the long edges)Fold once 1/4" iron, fold again over the 1/4 inch iron, pin and stitch. this will make the edges purdy.
Now for the short edges of the cushion.
oooh all ready looks better. I cut off the the edges, so that it will leave me enough room to stitch the "short sides" of the cushions together. Once you figure this out(this is the length of cushion plus the 2" on each side, like I said above) you want to turn your fabric right sides together, wrap it around the cushion again to make sure it will be snug in the little pocket and pin.
...see how there is 1/3 fabric hanging out? that is the "envelope part" which will fold over. When you are ready to sew up the sides, make sure you sew the right sides together. I pinned first, made sure it was snug then far.

Now we are going to attempt those fancy box corners. I used some help from Craftapple so go and check it out for the corners...its really easy and makes a world of difference in looking neat and tidy. After you stitch the "pocket" and your cushion /foam fits snuggly in there take it out. Find one bottom corner, and turn it to a triangle like the picture (still inside out)...go look at Craftapple quick!
I made my box corner 1 1/2 inch down from the point. I just measured with a ruler.
draw a straight line to make a nice triangle...evenly and straight . This is what you will sew.
straight across...there you have it...magic...turn it right side out, take a celebratory sip of beer and admire your work, because no one else in your family will appreciate that box corner like you will!
so beautiful!!! look at it!

Now we will do the same with the other corner...good luck. :) should be easier now.
After those are done I turned it right side out and put the cushion in to see my progress. Looks nice, now we have to do the fold over envelope part. This part is easy.

From the point where the "envelope part sticks out. double hem again. Fold 1/4", iron, fold 1/4" pin and sew...nice and tidy.
Do both sides (width sides)

Now here is where I winged it again. Wen I folded it over after hemming I thought it looked nice, but maybe it needed box corners here too.
Because after you but the cushion in it looks kind of flat where it folds over... so I thought, why not...

that's about it. The fold over part I closed with buttons, but botton holes are an entire new tutorial could use velcro, or nothing. It stays flat, because it is under know, its the bottom...who's gonna see it? Now you have the swing cushion cover...
your porch and butt is happy :)


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you are sooo handy:)

Outdoor Cushions For Swing said...

start tidying up. The girls put the final kybosh on this nasty porch swing cover last weekend ...