Tuesday, May 18, 2010

stupid study test

I was trying to study for my Nursing Board Exam (NCLEX). I hit the wrong button and it logged me out. Does it not know I'm trying to do PRACTICE tests. It told me I "illegally" clicked on a different window. Now isn't that a bit harsh? Honestly. I wasn't clicking I was trying to IM. I mean it's my test I'm not cheating and who cares if I was? but I wasn't I was ONLY trying to secure my Sushi Date Night with My friend Justine....Well EFFFFF Nclex. If they don'w at me to study then I won't.

The week has been beyond full. Training a new person at work. Trying to partake in some of the kids end of school activities and still remain sane. Olive came home and told me she needs "snacks" for her summer birthday celebration and $3 for a Zoo field trip. "You are going to the Zoo?" Duhhhhh you signed the paper. yup, I'm outta touch.

The cat ran away due to neglect, or the fox ate her, not sure which.
The garden is half planted...
The person who was going to redo the deck said they are too busy.
and I'm tired.

it's ok.
I's my debrief week...next week I will be fine!

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