Wednesday, June 30, 2010
this is where I will be running today

It's 7:12 am and all ready hot. I have a few goals today.
1. run
2. dye hair
3. garden a bit (flowerbed one plant at a time)
4. knit
5. sew

I'm "winging" Olive a little Etsy inspired dress. All her cool friends have these adorable dresses from Etsy,
so yesterday I went to buy one....$69 !!!!!!
I'm all for supporting the arts, but whoa...Unless its a pair of knocked down shoes at Nordstrom Rack, I don't even spend 69$ on myself!
( i know, Synda...I'm a cheap ass)
I'm making a dress, pattern free pretty much.
White Eyelet and some crazy cute fabric from the store remnent bin.

I'll show ya later!

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Lapetitemort said...

Cannot wait to see!