Friday, June 11, 2010

Making a Family Palatable

Gloria and Ilin and the 1968 Custom Lincoln

I grew up in a conventional family, as far as I knew. I had no idea that every child in my surrounding didn't have a Mom who tanked back Martinis in a variety of glasses, changing from coffee cup in the morning to highball in the afternoon, and a Dad who wandered around in a terry cloth skirt smoking Camel unfiltered cigs. I was the "unwanted mistake" of 2 oddball people who found each other by default and convenience. I have been working on trying to figure out how to make these people palatable enough to write about, without making my entire wealthy low-end family seem like ....i don't know, child service worker's dreams?
Living as an only child (meaning youngest child in a mixed family of 12 siblings who could give a rat's ass about me) with elderly, swinger type, cocktaily parents in a golf resort area of Florida. They are what shaped me into what I am today. An insecure, non marryable, OCD, semi alcoholic parent of 2 gifted children living in sin with an adult male who still thinks he is going to be a rock star.
You know, it turned out just as it should have.
My mom was a "performer"...who never took her clothes off, which meant to me: never made the amount of money she could have.
Gloria...with ciggy, of course ( I ruined her figure)

My dad was a business man, who traveled...was married...hell, maybe he was a scoundrel, that is until he left his wife, with a mental illness, to live with my mom and her hooligan kids...but I'm not really sure of the entire story. You see, I wasn't born yet. I can only go by drunken family arguments and boxes of old photos and 2 very informative, yet disgustingly gross diaries of my mom's.
I'm on a quest to try to write something from my families point of view...the entire bunch who are still remaining, whether they like me or not. I'm curious about what they thought about our lives. Why did they turn out so much better than me? Why do my nieces and nephews speak 4 different languages and travel the world when i can barely find the local Target and have a hard time with English grammar?
Stay tuned...


nova said...

Wow! That's a side of you I've never seen before on this blog...very interesting stuff!

Eliz said...

your story is interesting which makes you interesting. Embrace it.

k said...

I haven't heard this version...but if you want info - you could ask.