Wednesday, June 23, 2010

pee lawn..whatever is a girl to do?

It's the summer time and the lawn looks like shit in the back! I need to dig it up, but where shall I start? look at it!!!!
Wait, as you look at it admire the new deck walkway first...ok now go back to the pee lawn.
here is the before.

pee lawn, originally uploaded by v8grrl.

There is absolutely no "after", yet.

I started digging it up, but jeeeez, grass is hard to dig !!! 2 hours and a blister later it still looks about the same, so I decided to come in and fantasize about my yard as it should be:

hmmmm isn't that nice and relaxing?
Now quick!!!!
scroll back up and look at Peepee lawn....stress. grrrrr
How does one get something like that? Can you swing by the Home Depot, load up 27 illegals, 27 cases of Corona, and then "POOF" you have Serenity? I drove down to Home Depot to get a tomato cage and looked for the day laborers, they must have been in siesta.

Maybe I should set my sights on something like this:

If I did something like this, I would have a fabulous excuse to drink lots of wine or beer or stuff, not water, which comes in Blue Bottles. That is inspirational to me..and enticing.
Bobby would say it looks like Sanford and Son, but I like it.
Or maybe a nice easy view like below...

I love gnomes, but I would have to move to get this...all we have are sewer racoons as big as yetis and shaggedy foxes of the 4 legged kind.
I guess I'll don my gloves and give it a go again.
dig and dig...and dig


Lapetitemort said...

I saved many cases of wine bottles hoping to do something like that. Two weeks ago, I got rid of them because I knew that MY yard would end up looking like Sanford & Son...

We're eventually going to have bunches of garden boxes with walkways between and the side yard for the doggies to rip apart and pee all over. My lawn is just looking like bunches of hay =(

one of many said...

You can always lay black plastic over the lawn to kill it instead of digging...or rototil. I can't spell roto till but you know what I mean.