Friday, June 25, 2010

100 degrees here in colorado

It's too hot for Ed to even get into trouble. He has taken to the laundry room to lay on the cool floor. The Mexican Rat ie: chihuahua, Sheeba, loves it. Shes out there right now, laying on the 400 degree deck roasting like a mini pig.

I started digging up the grass. It still looks horrible. But I had to do something. Bob said, "Hey? What's going on out there by my new decking?"
Uhhhhh a mess? I promised it will look fine one I have a few days to work it out
I planted 3 Delphiniums for height and color. I bought some lemon thyme for the edge, then I will get some red wood chips and such to match the deck.
picture one digging up the grass, originally uploaded by v8grrl.

Still working on some edging. want something sassy, so I'm still thinking.

Tomorrow is Olive's 6th bday. We have 8 lil girls coming over to do some tye dye!
One problem. I forgot I work tonight...all night til tomorrow.
I've made the cream cheese frosting, put together the little gift bags, Bobby can make the cupcakes...and hopefully I will be able to pull it off by 1 pm tomorrow.

I'll let ya know

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