Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why are the weekends so speedy?

Just don't get it. Remember back when you were waiting for summer, christmas, or your birthday? My goodness time practically rolled into reverse. Now that I am old and semi gray things whip by at the speed of light. I barely have time to get out of bed and plan a day and it's over. Which leads me to believe that we must start planning the entire summer in the winter so as not to waste any time. Bobby managed to finish the deck on the side.

You see I have opted to wait to pay the mortgage in the middle of this month so that Bobby can piddle paddle around the hose making himself feel useful, which means many trips to Home Depot which in turn means money going through the check book like water through a colander. The deck looks nice. Now we have to do the big part.
Now that he is done with that I can finish my cushions and tidy up with my planting and such.

protein bar
The rest of the weekend was yardwork, cleaning, sewing with Synda in the messy sewing area, making protein bars...yum yum, a little running, and some wine drinking and too much eating out.

tonight I will finish studying. Tomorrow I take my state boards, NCLEX. I am very nervous. then when I get home I will tidy house try to relax and will be posting all the pictures of the things we have been doing around here.